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Personal Life

Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

My first baby was born on 1st January 2019. What an amazing coincidence. Right? Those days were truly beautiful and amazing. A baby in the house redefines the whole atmosphere. There comes this strange energy in the environment, in people, and in things. Everyone smiles more, laughs more and enjoys more. Everyone starts feeling young or even childish most of the time. And that’s what I wanted to see a lot. Happy faces all around.

Me giving a talk on Flutter at SMIU University, Karachi

Hello folks, it’s that time of the year (or maybe a little late) where I am supposed to reflect on my past year and make some new year resolution goals. Since I couldn’t write the year in review for the previous year 2019, so this article is going to about that. Next week, I will write the year in review of the year 2020, which has been a lot challenging for everyone around the globe due to Covid-19 pandemic.

I created the outline of this review and planned it about a year ago back in January 2020. But its been…

Mobile software development poses a number of unique challenges. The ecosystem is quite diverse: there are over six billion active smartphone devices worldwide, with a wide variety of screen sizes, processors, hardware, OS versions, languages, and features to consider. On top of that, the release process is gated and is not entirely controlled by you. You have to follow the policies and requirements set forth by Apple and Google, and these are generally getting stricter by the year.

Still, mobile development has come a long way in the past decade, and there are now a number of best practices and…

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Developing and maintaining a high-quality, engaging app already takes serious effort and time. But with ever-stricter requirements imposed by the Google Play and Apple app stores, even the release process has become a time-consuming and challenging task for mobile development teams. This issue has gained so much attention in recent years that it’s not unusual for companies to allocate resources and headcount for a dedicated release manager or Technical Product Manager (TPM).

What’s more, once a release is out, it can’t be rolled back. …

A Tweet of mine about my mother went viral (

Today is Mother’s day and it’s really great. And I wish all the people and their mothers well wishes. I don’t need a mother’s day to write this article, but I feel that today this would make more sense than other days.

There’s not a single day when I haven’t missed my mother’s presence in some way. It’s been 13 years so far, and I always had thought that over time this feeling will fade away. But as I see my 2 year toddler growing up in front me, and I see how much mother is important to him and…

🎯 Let me tell you a Rubix Cube Story today. Back in 2010, I came back home for a 2 months vacation from University. I participated in a Speed Rubix Competition when I had no idea how to solve a cube. I lost it big way and brought that cube to home. For 2 weeks, I watched many videos and tried to learn it but gave up at end frustratingly.

My father, who was a laborer in power loom factory with very less knowledge but he was very intelligent in machines and mechanics. He saw the cube laying around and…

😍 Howdy people! Welcome to the 6th edition of Wajahat Karim — Bits & Bytes.

Today’s edition is a very special one for me as I got featured by Google for their #AndroidDevJourney series. As part of this series, Google will share my life story of how I got into Android development and how it has changed my life over the years until the point of becoming Pakistan’s 1st Google Developers Expert in Android.

The Tweet on Official Android Developers Twitter Profile

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I am slowly getting back to my usual once-a-week writing flow. A big thanks to you amazing folks for reading my words and sending feedback my…

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NOTE: The Jetpack Compose team doesn’t recommend passing Parcelable in the navigation composable routes. Instead the route structure in Navigation Compose has the best analog with a restful web service so developers should use bookDetails/{bookid} not bookDetails/{a whole set of fields representing a book} which is essentially what passing a Parcelable is doing. There’s a new issue created to update the official Google Docs to explain the best practices for passing complex arguments like Parcelable in the composable routes. You can see it on this Issue Tracker link.

While trying to create a simple demo UI of a books app…

Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

It was evening. And I was trying to fix a runtime crash for an Android project at work. I was fully focused in the debugging and was going through breakpoints line by line. As a developer, you can understand that this is a very sensitive moment where need to observe bunch of variable values and figure out what’s happening with those values.

I was fully invested in these random lines that suddenly my 2 year toddler baby grabbed my hand on computer mouse and tried to get me somewhere. …

A major result of the Covid-19 pandemic has been the rapid widespread adoption of telehealth technologies. Usage of apps like Zocdoc have grown dramatically, and have allowed patients to connect with their doctors virtually through text chat and audio/video calls. The demand for these and similar services has skyrocketed, with no indication it will slow down, even after the pandemic is over.

As an indie Android developer, advanced chat features like read receipts or push notifications in your healthcare app can be tricky and therefore time-consuming to implement which is why I look to CometChat.

CometChat is a flexible developer…

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